dijital.zeka (digital.intelligence) is the “business analytics” solution of our dijital product portfolio. The program extracts data from the database in our operational system and lets you perform multi-dimensional, visual-backed analyses. Once the infrastructure is installed, it allows ease-of-use without requiring high technical skills.

Digital Business Management Platform

dijital.asistan (digital.assistant) is our workflow product that allows modeling your business processes without code development. You can quickly model any process using the visual design tool, design web forms with the fields you will specify without any technical knowledge being necessary, and begin using your workflows promptly.

dijital.şirket (digital.company) is the optimum way to transfer your company onto the digital world.

If you are a dealer or a similar organization, you can confidently manage your sales, purchasing, inventory management and current accounts tracking irrespective of the sector you are engaged in, with our fully integrated “dijital.bayi (digital.dealer)” product that runs in real time.

The product allows you to have your product, label or packaging designs checked by all your departments simultaneously before sending them out to be printed.

dijital.bağlılık (digital.loyalty) is our loyalty product that enables improved sales to your dealers or customers, and that you can use to promote the sales of the products you wish to drive forward. Buyers and/or sellers of the products or services offered by your company are rewarded with the bonus points to be earned.

This is a system, which allows tracking all stages from the entry of any work demand as an internal order (or ticket) in the system until completion on the basis of the individual, task, time spent and time elapsed. The flow entails approvals at various stages. With dijital.kurum (digital.organisation), you can achieve ideal resource management.

dijital.market (digital.supermarket) is developed for purchasing, inventory management and sales handling for supermarkets and establishments in a similar structure.

dijital.nakliye (dijital.shipment) can be used to secure more efficient management of the performance and costs of the shipment operations of your company, your logistics suppliers and your customers.

dijital.zeka (digital.intelligence) is the “business analytics” solution of our dijital product portfolio.