• Add speed to your business
  • Keep everything under watch
  • The compass that navigates you to your target
  • Conquer the hearts of your clients
  • Save with automated workflows

Why Yaşar Bilgi?

  • Active since 1983, YAŞAR BİLGİ is a leading company in the Turkish IT sector.
  • Focused on value-added sustainable solutions, our company sharpens its clients’ competitive edge and helps them increase their profitability with the technology support it has been extending for years.
  • YAŞAR BİLGİ provides its clients with a rare convenience in the digital world where the use of technology itself can become an issue.

Fast Contact


  • Center: +90232 355 1000
  • İstanbul: +90216 528 4950-51
  • Ankara: +90312 294 9343

New Ideas

Through our reliable products, we offer solutions that add convenience to our clients’ lives and value to their processes.