Founded in 1983, Yaşar Bilgi A.Ş. is an information technology company. Boasting a deep-rooted history, the company operates under Yaşar Group.

Yaşar Bilgi conducted Turkey’s first-ever major SAP ERP project under the name "Project ASTRON", a title that has, in time, become the SAP trademark for the company.

ASTRON is one of the first and largest organizations to provide SAP services in Turkey. Since 1996, the company has efficiently rolled out SAP at hundreds of companies. The company offers license sales, license maintenance, project and development services. In addition, ASTRON is one of the leading companies offering cloud-based SAP use.

Yaşar Bilgi provides guidance to its customers in the correct use of SAP and other digital technologies. Providing speed, productivity and cost advantages, the company strengthens its customers’ competitive positions and accelerates their advancement in the digital world of Industry 4.0.

Yaşar Bilgi is your reliable partner in technology with its institutional structure, solid track record of many years, experience, and expert team.


1983: Incorporation
1983 - 1987: Integrated accounting, stock, production, personnel software
1987: Distributor of DDE Supermax Unix servers in Turkey
1987 - 1992: Otelmate, Schoolmate and municipality administration software
1992: Production and sales of Datamate branded PCs
1996: The launch of Turkey’s first ERP transformation project using SAP
1997: Transition of the first Turkish company to SAP within the frame of a large-scale project
1997 - 2004: Completion of the Yaşar Group SAP project
2004: SAP Business Partnership
2005 - 2008: Transition of Pınar dealers to SAP
2008: SAP SEM budget projects
2009: SAP CRM projects
2010: Transition of Dyo Boya dealers to SAP
2010 - 2018: Realization of numerous non-Group SAP projects
2011: SAP Supply Chain projects
2012: SAP Partneredge Sell
2013: SAP TPVS/TM transportation optimization projects
2014: Creation of the "Digital Business Management Platform" product portfolio
2015: Introduction of the digital.supermarket software
2016: digital.assistant software begins to be used by customers
2017: digital.dealer software programs begin to be used by customers
2018: Introduction of digital.company software

Corporate Values

All departments quickly and accurately perceive the needs of our customers, and we adopt an agile, proactive and innovative approach to fulfilling their evolving needs for a better life.

Our operational excellence notion is based in effective use of technology in all areas, lean work processes, predefined business system, and rapid decision-making systems that rely on data. Agility is a core capability at our company.

In the light of our motto spelled out as Science, Unity, Success, we believe that one of our most valuable assets is our human resource that is made up of individuals who are educated, experienced, have a high sense of belonging and ownership, are open to all novelties founded in science, value information sharing and the spirit of unity, and have espoused participative management concept and performance-oriented work.

We respect social, political and cultural values and we act transparently and in compliance with the laws and code of business ethics in all geographies where we have a presence. We highly value integrity, open communication and fair management.

In our manufacturing operations, we adopt an approach that cherishes the nature and the environment, and we contribute to creating a future that is better than the present. We adhere to our tradition of extending support to contemporary education, sports, culture and the arts in a bid to enhance the quality of community life based on our commitment to social responsibility.